Why Are Mattresses So Expensive Nowadays?

The cost of getting yourself a new mattress today is far away from the cost of a similar mattress a decade ago. Perhaps one of the serious questions you are asking yourself is “what has changed that mattresses have become expensive?”

Several arguments have been put across trying to explain why a mattress cost more than it was a few years ago. Luckily, in this article, we are going to find the factors that make them so expensive. Welcome;

Today’s mattress last a decade

As it may seem, this argument is quite true. Modern mattress manufacturers are innovative and emphasize on quality rather than quantity. Therefore, most of the mattresses we are buying today can last a decade with good care.

Putting this into perspective, you will find that the per-day use price of the mattresses is very low. What this means is that the manufacturer must factor this into the total cost of production.

To put it differently, consumers stay for a long time before the need to buy a new mattress arises; therefore, the manufacturer must bridge this gap by raising the cost of the mattress.

Consumers buy it when they need it not when they want it

A mattress is such a special product. Unlike other consumables, a mattress can be seen as a last resort purchase. It is not like a car or a pair of shoes.

Mattress consumers will only buy a mattress when they really need to replace the existing mattress not when they want a new mattress. Because of this, mattresses tend to fall among the dead stocks in many shops.

To keep the mattress shops in business, mattress retailers sell them expensively. That’s why to get the best mattress topper you’ll need to pat a lot.

Few suppliers for the basic ingredients for a mattress

There are only a handful of suppliers of mattress materials. This limited supply means a higher demand for the ingredients.

Consequently, due to the gap between demand and supply prices of the materials goes up. This leads to high cost of production and in turn, the price of the mattresses hikes.

Second-hand market is non-existent

Mattresses can be likened to underwears. The same way you can sell your used underwear, it is the same way nobody wants a used mattress.

Therefore, every consumer wants to buy a new mattress every time.  This guarantees mattress retailer that no matter the price; people will buy new mattresses every time they need them.

Impossible to comparison shop

While manufacturers often do comparison-shopping, consumers have no time to spend in different stores comparing the prices. Again, we do not negotiate when buying mattresses as a result mattress retailers are sure that a customer will give out the bucks according to the price tag without questioning.

Limited sources of information

Research has established that there is a limited source online for consumers to understand the build of a mattress. Therefore, many consumers are clueless about what they are sleeping. As a result, quality may not always be worth the price but nobody knows.

A few companies dominate mattress industry

Because only a few companies have the capital strength to manufacture mattresses, they can do crazy things. these include naming the same mattress model different names at different retail outlets, selling through retailers who take higher markup, adding features that sounds great but don’t enhance the sleep experience in any way.


There is not a definitive marker for a good or bad mattress but the price of a mattress will depend on a few factors. These are your negotiation ability, consumer knowledge, mattress lifespan, quality of ingredients used and many more.

I now believe you can point out a few things that made your last purchase a bit expensive. Try to improve your overall experience for better deals than what many retailers can offer you.

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