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The Street Sweeper

In this inspiring fable, a struggling writer has a dream about a town called Inspiration, where he meets a man who changes his life. This simple street sweeper starts him on a journey to uncover seven revelations about Irrefutable Success.

A Gift for Readers of Irrefutable Success

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Praise for The Street Sweeper
“The Street Sweeper is a book filled with timeless truths and wisdom. You will literally be swept along in this tale of irrefutable success! And the ancient (but still relevant!) principles revealed will inspire and motivate you to achieve your own IRREFUTABLE SUCCESS!” – Louise Thaxton – Business Leader, Author, Speaker
“The Street Sweeper is a must-read! This little book is full of truth that can have a profound impact on your life.” – Pat Williams – Senior Vice President, Orlando Magic
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Every Day is Game Day

You Can Live Like A Champion Every Day! “The stories within the pages of this book will inspire and equip you to live like a champion! Buy this book, read it, apply it, and begin a lifetime of living like a champion.” Dr. John C. Maxwell

The C.H.I.L.D. Game Plan

“As a parent, I’ve learned that kids spell love t-i-m-e. This book will help you best utilize your time with them. It is loaded with ideas and approaches that you can use to help your child, grandchild, or student develop into a strong, well-balanced, productive adult. You only get one chance to prepare a child. So please make yours count!” Stephen R. Covey