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How to Achieve Success with Your First Cannabis Plants

If it’s your first time growing cannabis at home, then you must focus on completing the project successfully rather than worrying too much about the bud quality. You can improve the quality after a few grows under your belt, but it’s important to understand the basics of cannabis growing before you harvest bountiful yields later.

If you’re a gardener who has grown other vegetables, it might be a bit easier, but indoor grows require some extra patience and techniques to achieve successful results, such as best led grow lights. So, without further ado, let me outline how to achieve success with your first cannabis plants.

  • Germination

It’s easy to sow seeds directly in a pot, but I recommend that you soak the seeds in water for 24 hours. Transfer the seeds to a moist (not dripping wet) paper towel and place them between two plates or wrap them in a ziplock bag to prevent moisture from escaping. Within 2-3 days, you’ll see that the healthy seeds have sprouted a taproot. Gently remove seeds from the tissue paper without disturbing the root.

  • Vegetative Stage

The vegetative stage is nothing but the stage where the plant grows initially before it begins to flower. Depending on the kind of strain you’re growing, you can transfer the seeds. For instance, if you’re growing photoperiod plants, you have more room to make mistakes because you can manually switch the plants from the vegetative to the flowering stage once you’re satisfied with the growth.

Moreover, it’s beneficial for photoperiod plants to first grow them in small pots before transferring them to their bigger, final containers, so transfer the seeds from the tissue to a small pot and transplant them to a larger pot after 2-3 weeks. With autoflowering plants, however, you can’t afford to make mistakes and the seeds will have to be planted directly in the final container.

While you can manually control the vegetative stage with photoperiod plants, autoflowers will make their transition without any manual interference. For photoperiod plants, you can allow them to grow for at least 3-4 months before switching, but autoflowers will be ready for harvest within 2-3 months!

  • Flowering Stage

To make the switch from the vegetative to the blooming stage, you need to reduce the light cycle from 18 hours to 12 hours. Some people even provide 14 hours darkness, but 12 hours are sufficient to trigger flowering. Within just a few days, you’ll see pistils appearing all over the plant if you have feminized seeds.

Female plants will have pistils, but males will have small balls appearing everywhere. If they are regular seeds, you need to be careful and pull out the male plants early before they fertilize the females. It’s recommended that you purchase only feminized seeds as a beginner because it will give you a better scope to succeed.

Depending on the kind of strain you’re growing, the flowering stage can take anywhere from 2-3 months and sometimes longer. As the flowering stage progresses into its final phase with the leaves turning yellow, stop feeding the nutrients and prepare for harvest.

  • Harvest

Keep a close eye on the trichomes of the plant if you have a magnifying glass or a jeweler’s loupe but if you don’t have that, watch the color of the pistils carefully. When 70% the pistils turn amber, it’s time to harvest. This is not true for all strains, however, as some strains have pistils turning pink when it’s time to harvest.

Basically, the pistils should be almost amber with a little white in between, and if you’re watching the trichomes then it’s time to harvest when most of them turn cloudy. Trim the leaves and place the buds on a rack to dry. After a week, transfer them to glass jars and allow them to cure for at least 6-8 weeks before you smoke/consume them.

Now, after you’ve done all the hard work, pat yourself on the back for successfully completing your very first batch of some mind-blowing, home-grown marijuana!

How Lack of Sports leads to Hormonal Disorder and How to Prevent it

Sports has a great impact on the hormonal balance in your body that keeps you healthy and away from any disorders resulting from hormone deficiency. Exercise, moderate or intense, is largely linked to the smooth functioning of these signaling blocks in your body.

Sports OR Exercise Is Linked To Hormonal Balance

During any sports, the brain release s epinephrine and the stress hormone norepinephrine that keeps you alert and attentive. These hormones help direct the metabolism to adapt to the new demands of your body during play. One of the primary demands is the increase in the heart rate that allows the body to keep up with the pace and stay energized. The increase in the heart rate also helps in the elevation of useful hormone levels that are responsible for protecting organs, regulating the growth and development of tissues as well as aids in the smooth functioning of metabolic systems.

Lack of sports activity leads to low levels of hormones in the blood causing health concerns like heart disease, low stamina, obesity and fitness issues and so on. High levels of the hormones like Human Growth Hormone, Cortisol, Testosterone, Epinephrine, and Norepinephrine are vital for health. Low concentrations can lead to disorders like diabetes, thyroid diseases, growth disorders and stress. A natural way to boost the hormonal levels is indulging in any sports or exercise. Find out below how sports affects each hormone in the body and it’s functioning.


Cortisol is the stress hormone. As you play, the adrenal cortex releases this hormone helping maintain your blood glucose levels during exercise. It does this by directing the breakdown of triglycerides and proteins. It is also an essential hormone for fat metabolism regulating the deposition of lipids in your body. Lack of sports leads to low levels of cortisol as it is produced in response to exercise which in turn may cause disorders such as obesity, fatigue, dehydration, depression, anxiety, skin disease and issues related to the circulatory system.

Human Growth Hormone

The Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a growth stimulator and a fat reducing block. Its high levels in the body help build lean muscle mass through protein synthesis and reduce weight by burning excess lipids. The absence of sports leads to low HGH levels that may result in disorders like obesity, low muscle mass, low bone density, low vitality and limited exercise capacity. Growth hormone plays a key role in the growth of cells and tissues in your body and the most natural way to boost HGH levels is to play sports and exercise regularly. Lack of sports causes the limited production of HGH and as the secretion naturally tends to slow down once you reach the 40s, it is important to participate in any sports to avoid disorders arising from HGH deficiency.

HGH helps keep the metabolic processes running smooth and protects the organs like the brain ensuring it functions smoothly. The hormone also slows down aging by reducing fat, preserving youth and building proteins to develop lean muscles. Not participating in any sports may lead to low HGH levels causing aging, less vigor, thyroid disorders, and growth-related issues, so here you can find where to buy hgh.


This is vital for building muscle mass. Sports like outdoor games and gym workouts help increase levels of testosterone in the body that in turn enhance protein synthesis. It also directs the development of new red blood cells to aid the body to utilize oxygen effectively. Although women require small amounts of testosterone for metabolic growth, deficiency can lead to disorders that may affect the fertility cycle and menstrual cycle. This is because testosterone is converted into estrogen that is an essential sex hormone, and a balance of both these hormones is necessary for females. Sports assists in maintaining this balance preventing health issues that may arise from low concentrations in the body.

How To Prevent Hormonal Disorders

The most natural way to boost the production of these hormones in your body is by playing regular sports, exercising frequently and sleeping well. Sports like aerobics, swimming or outdoor games like soccer, basketball and rugby help enhance levels of vital growth hormones and those related to stress and exercise. This helps keep you away from the many hormonal disorders that result from low concentrations in the body. Furthermore, Sports is a great way to maintain hormonal balance ensuring the optimal metabolic functioning and proper growth.

Living off the land: building a self-sustaining tiny house

Living in a tiny house cultivates the idea of freedom, freedom to roam and freedom to be off the grid entirely. Now that being said, not every tiny house has to be a self-sustaining unit. Many of them in fact offer the same comforts as traditional homes. However, for those who want simple homestead cabins that eliminate their dependence upon the system, sustainability is achievable.

Off the grid tiny cabins can be constructed with kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, even office spaces. These completely sustainable units do not have to be extensively large and can simply be a small 14’ x 14’ home with two stories. Smaller spaces are obviously easier to clean, much less expensive to keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and self-sustaining units alleviate any house payments or monthly utility bills. Any money made through a regular job will stay in your pocket and help you to secure a better retirement, go on a fun vacation, or anything else, for instance, tiny houses for sale in NJ.

It is important to understand that with a sustainable tiny house design you can still incorporate modern amenities. For example, somebody who works as a photographer or an author might not require a large living space but they might still need things like Internet access and a cell phone. Regardless of your job you might still want electric lights, a shower with hot water, and an indoor toilet.

Originally the tiny house movement was one solution to homelessness but today there are larger followers who enjoy the simplicity and sustainability that it offers. Off the grid tiny houses still have to handle practical matters like water, electrical, and sewage.

You will have to invest in a compost toilet if you want an indoor toilet. You will also benefit from a water filtration system. You may need to decide between which types of power package best suits you based on your area. A solar power package can be purchased or a wind power package most of which include the panels, the charge controllers, batteries, and inverters. Fuel for propane and butane is another energy cost you will need to include in your design. And of course things like cell phones and Internet packages, as needed.

Benefits to off the grid living

Off the grid living first and foremost reduces your ecological footprint. It also saves you money. You can get your bill for energy and water down to nothing. This can truly simplify like. Time and energy that might otherwise be spent trying to maintain your home can be used on things like starting a business, socializing, or hobbies.

Downsides to off the grid living

Naturally people are put off by the minimalist space inside of a tiny house. This downside though as an upside: it forces you to spend more time outside and less time thinking about material possessions. Other challenges though include having to empty your compost toilet, having to hold water from one location to another. Nonetheless this really helps you to do clearer picture of how much water you use on a daily basis.

Many current off the grid tiny house owners say that the biggest challenge they face is government regulation and building codes. There can be outside interference from businesses or neighbors in the area and issues securing adequate water especially if you want to be in a more isolated and rural area. It is best for you to speak with local authorities before you make any long-term plans. Talk to authorities about the different regulations in various areas so that you can pick an area wisely. More importantly get to know the neighbors before you pick your plot. Not everyone is as open to this movement and some neighbors might make things very difficult for you. If you get to know the people who might be your neighbors in the future you can decide before you invested any money whether that spot is really the best spot for you.

Why Are Mattresses So Expensive Nowadays?

The cost of getting yourself a new mattress today is far away from the cost of a similar mattress a decade ago. Perhaps one of the serious questions you are asking yourself is “what has changed that mattresses have become expensive?”

Several arguments have been put across trying to explain why a mattress cost more than it was a few years ago. Luckily, in this article, we are going to find the factors that make them so expensive. Welcome;

Today’s mattress last a decade

As it may seem, this argument is quite true. Modern mattress manufacturers are innovative and emphasize on quality rather than quantity. Therefore, most of the mattresses we are buying today can last a decade with good care.

Putting this into perspective, you will find that the per-day use price of the mattresses is very low. What this means is that the manufacturer must factor this into the total cost of production.

To put it differently, consumers stay for a long time before the need to buy a new mattress arises; therefore, the manufacturer must bridge this gap by raising the cost of the mattress.

Consumers buy it when they need it not when they want it

A mattress is such a special product. Unlike other consumables, a mattress can be seen as a last resort purchase. It is not like a car or a pair of shoes.

Mattress consumers will only buy a mattress when they really need to replace the existing mattress not when they want a new mattress. Because of this, mattresses tend to fall among the dead stocks in many shops.

To keep the mattress shops in business, mattress retailers sell them expensively. That’s why to get the best mattress topper you’ll need to pat a lot.

Few suppliers for the basic ingredients for a mattress

There are only a handful of suppliers of mattress materials. This limited supply means a higher demand for the ingredients.

Consequently, due to the gap between demand and supply prices of the materials goes up. This leads to high cost of production and in turn, the price of the mattresses hikes.

Second-hand market is non-existent

Mattresses can be likened to underwears. The same way you can sell your used underwear, it is the same way nobody wants a used mattress.

Therefore, every consumer wants to buy a new mattress every time.  This guarantees mattress retailer that no matter the price; people will buy new mattresses every time they need them.

Impossible to comparison shop

While manufacturers often do comparison-shopping, consumers have no time to spend in different stores comparing the prices. Again, we do not negotiate when buying mattresses as a result mattress retailers are sure that a customer will give out the bucks according to the price tag without questioning.

Limited sources of information

Research has established that there is a limited source online for consumers to understand the build of a mattress. Therefore, many consumers are clueless about what they are sleeping. As a result, quality may not always be worth the price but nobody knows.

A few companies dominate mattress industry

Because only a few companies have the capital strength to manufacture mattresses, they can do crazy things. these include naming the same mattress model different names at different retail outlets, selling through retailers who take higher markup, adding features that sounds great but don’t enhance the sleep experience in any way.


There is not a definitive marker for a good or bad mattress but the price of a mattress will depend on a few factors. These are your negotiation ability, consumer knowledge, mattress lifespan, quality of ingredients used and many more.

I now believe you can point out a few things that made your last purchase a bit expensive. Try to improve your overall experience for better deals than what many retailers can offer you.

3 Common Kinds of Mattresses That You Need To Know

Do you know that there are different kinds of mattresses that you can choose and use in your bed? And if you want to know what the common kinds are, you can read the list below to help you.

Here is the list of the common kinds of mattresses that you need to know and choose from.

  1. Memory – Foam Kind of Mattress

The memory – foam kind of mattress or commonly called the Visco Elastic is the best one among the other kinds since that it is widely known and commonly preferred by everybody to use. The reason behind that is because this kind of mattress has the capability to adapt to the form of the body as well as distributing the weight of the body equally in the whole bed. With this feature, it is perfect and best for those people who experience from aching and stiff joints, restless sleepers, and even morning pains. Aside from that, it also has proof against bacteria, mites, molds, bugs, and some other kinds that usually exist in the mattress of your bed, of corse if you didn’t choose best mattress uk.

  1. Innerspring Mattress

Second is the innerspring kind which is the traditional one of all the mattresses available in the market. With this, it makes it highly recommendable to everybody since that it has been readily available in the long – run. You should know that the innerspring kind is equipped with some great features so you can expect that by using this, it will give you the comfortable and best sleeping experience. In spite of having these great features, you should also know that it is very affordable so you can be assured that you can have the best mattress that you can use without spending too much of your money. With this, this makes the innerspring to be the leading kind of mattress in the market.

  1. Latex Mattress

And lastly is the latex kind of mattress which is first presented in the market in the year of 1960’s. The latex kind is a very expensive one in these years because it has been proven to be the best among the other kinds of mattresses that you can choose, but as the modern technology came; its price became significantly lower and reasonable so that everybody who wishes to have this can have the capability to purchase it. Not only that it is known to be a very durable and flexible mattress but it is likewise ideal for controlling the movements of your body as you sleep. With this, it only goes to show that it is very worthy for you to choose and use.

Now that you have the idea on what are the common kinds of mattresses that you need to know, you are now also able to choose which of these kinds of mattresses is the perfect and best one for you to use in your bed. And for you to be more knowledgeable, you can also ask a reputable mattress manufacturer to help you.