Is Your Compass Needle Spinning?

Posted in Life Planning on July 27th, 2012 by Tim Enochs

The other day I was showing someone a compass. We had been in a conversation about the direction of true north from our position. However, something seemed wrong – the compass wasn’t pointing in the direction I believed was north.

The first thought I had was that I needed to trust the instrument. I had heard stories of pilots needing to trust their instruments and not their own reasoning. Still, I was confident that my compass was off.

When I moved the compass, the needle moved. Suddenly the compass needle confirmed my belief of the direction of true north. It was then that I realized that the first position of the compass was in an environment where other things were pulling on the needle.

You see, the needle of a compass is magnetized which allows it to align with the magnetic field of the earth. When a compass is around other magnetized objects, it can be pulled by their own magnetic fields. When the compass is moved away from the influence of those magnetic fields, the needle can align with true north.

Is the needle of your internal compass impacted by other people or things in your environment?

Has it been hard for you, or someone you know, to find true north?

Consider what in your life is pulling you away from where you should be. Maybe that can add to your list of things to stop as mentioned in my previous post.

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