Coaching Champions – Personality vs. Behavior

Posted in Leadership, Self-Development on September 25th, 2014 by Jessica.Rogers
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In the coaching world we are constantly dealing with different personality types and different behavioral styles. As Certified Behavior Analysts, Coach Tim and Coach Kristen know how to separate out the two when coaching clients. But most people don’t know the difference and often get confused when making real change in their lives. So today, we wanted to share some insights between personality and behavior in this co-written blog post.

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Is there anything more important than truth?

See how Honest Abe dealt with truth in this clip. Read the rest of this entry »


A parable.

Farmer Goodpasture invested time during the winter repairing his equipment and planning for the upcoming growing season. By the time spring rolled around, he was ready. With properly working equipment and a well thought out plan, he prepared his field and planted seed. Read the rest of this entry »

Pulling Weeds

Why do I hate weeds? They are ugly and they will take over and kill everything else if I don’t stop them. I pay a yard care company to spray my lawn 4 times each year to kill them.  Yet somehow, I still see them pop up from time to time and have to find ways to get rid of them myself!

King Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived, said this about weeds:

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The process of planting seed can be exciting. During this time the vision is fresh, expectations are high, and energy levels are at their peak. However, planting seed is not the end of the process.

Highly Productive People know it’s just the beginning. They understand the power of watering and waiting.

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Nothing grows without a seed being planted.

Where a good seed is planted, there is reason to hope for a good harvest. However, if there is no seed in the ground, there is no hope or expectation of harvest.

Earl Nightingale may have put it best when he said:

Suppose a farmer has some land, and it’s good, fertile land.

The Land gives the farmer a choice; he may plant in that land whatever he chooses. The land doesn’t care. It’s up to the farmer to make the decision.

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Laptop in classic library

Haven’t you learned enough already?

Isn’t it time to stop learning and start coasting?

These may sound like silly questions, but some people really think that way, or at least behave as though they do.

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Fail To Succeed

In the previous Secret of Highly Productive People, I focused on tracking progress, but what if there isn’t any progress to track? What if you find yourself going backward in your quest to reach a goal? What if the data tells you things aren’t going well? What happens if you fail?

In the case of Highly Productive People, the term when you fail may be more effective than if you fail. Read the rest of this entry »

Home improvement

How do you know if you are being successful? Is it a feeling? Is it something someone has to tell you or do you know because you are tracking your progress?

During 13 years of coaching executives, business owners, and leaders across the U.S. and Canada, I have found a common theme. They track their progress.

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Visualizing success

This is the time of year when people think about goals for the upcoming year. But many people don’t actually set goals; they make statements called New Year’s Resolutions. A resolution is an expression of will or intent. The person making the resolution has made a decision to do (or not do) something during the coming year. However, a resolution is not a goal; rather it is a means to achieve a goal.

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